• Your ID and Tax File Number
  • Bank details for refund
  • Payment Summaries (PAYG, Termination)
  • Details of spouse taxable income
  • Annual bank statement showing interest earned
  • Annual statement for investment properties
  • Dividend statements
  • Annual share trading reports in PDF
  • Annual statements from managed investment funds
  • Details of foreign income earned
  • Annual private health insurance statement
  • Last year tax return


  • Details of Income Protection Insurance, Sickness and Accident Insurance
  • Expense statements/receipts for investment property, depreciation report, mortgage bank statement
  • Evidence of donations to charities
  • Annual statement from Investment, Trust or Managed Fund
  • Accountant Fees Invoice for previous year’s tax return
  • Log book and expense receipts for vehicle used for work purposes
  • Receipts for work-related travel expenses
  • Receipts for tools, equipment and uniform
  • Education related expenses

Getting your tax return done is easy. Contact us. It’s what we do!
After your initial contact, usually by phone or email – we will email / send you a checklist of the items & documents that you need to prepare. Your information can be in any format, whichever is easiest for you – hand written notes, excel, photocopies or original documents. You can even choose how it gets done.

Make an appointment to come to our Campbelltown office. You can meet us in person, ask any questions or discuss your tax affairs generally. Bring any tax documents along and if you choose, we can even complete your tax while you wait! Option 1- is chosen by a lot of our new clients.

Just send us an email, fax or post all your tax documents or summaries to us – in whatever format you like, and we will review your documents and draft your return, and call you with any questions or matters for completion. It all can be done via email – and usually completed within a couple of days.

Call us on (02) 4620-5784 OR 0403 293 258 for an appointment at our office in Queen St,
Campbelltown or send an email enquiry to us at accounts.1@bigpond.com.

If you want more general information about your tax or what deductions you can claim, visit the links below, or call ask for our help. The following check list and the engagement letter are required to complete & sign then forward to our office with other documents, as these will help us to prepare your tax return.

– Deduction Essentials

– Work Related Expenses

– Self Education Expenses

– Check List

Client substantiation declaration

– Meal Expenses

– Clothing Expenses

– Car Expenses

– Engagement Letter